Dear customers,

please respect that this is a real massage salon and is not an erotic salon.

Requesting erotic services from our massage therapist is prohibited. In case that such services will be requested, we reserve the right to end the massage and you will be charged for the full price of the service.

Thank you for understanding.

Services Price / time
30 min 60 min 90 min
Back, shoulders and neck oil massage without aroma  19,0 €
Special aroma therapy massage with coconut oil or slimming oil   37,5 € 54,0 €
Aroma therapy massage with chocolate oil or tea tree oil 36,0 € 52,0 €
Classic Thai oil massage without aroma  33,0 € 47,0 €
Traditional Thai massage without oil based on acupressure technique 33,0 € 47,0 €
Aroma Thai massage for couples or 4-hands – oil based on customer preference 75,0 € 104,0 €